Get Rid Of Your Unsightly Grass

Rely on us for lawn aeration services in Grand Junction, CO

Did you know lawn aeration is an essential part of maintaining healthy and luscious grass? When foot traffic or other forces compact soil, water and fertilizer cannot permeate into the root zone. Thankfully, A-1 Lawn & Fence Maintenance can resolve your soil problem.

You can turn to us for aeration services in the Grand Junction, CO area. We'll break up your soil, so you'll finally be able to get the gorgeous grass you desire. Contact us today to get a free estimate on aeration services.

4 signs your soil is too compacted

If you can't seem to get thick, green grass no matter what you do, it's probably a lawn aeration issue. You should reach out to us if you notice:

  • Thinning grass
  • Brown patches of grass
  • Puddles after a light rainfall
  • Stunted or stopped plant growth

We'll revive your damaged lawn in no time. Call us now at 970-208-6238 to schedule services.